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Schools and kindergartens are closed

In order to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, all schools and kindergartens in Oslo will be closed through 17 April 2020. This may be extended.

The schools will, to the best of their ability, provide education to the pupils at home.

The decision applies to:

  • primary schools
  • lower secondary schools
  • upper Secondary Schools
  • adult education
  • kindergartens
  • activity school (AKS)

Children of key workers and children with a challenging home situation

Who may be offered special childcare?

Parents have the right to childcare when their duties are essential to maintaining public services. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has issued guidelines for personnel who shall be defined as having essential public-service functions, and who have the right to childcare services for their children in either kindergarten or school. See the list of essential public services at Regjeringen.no.

Children who do not have a place in kindergarten but whose parents both have essential public-service functions shall also be offered a place in this childcare service.

If the child lives with two parents/guardians, both must be working in essential public services to be able to use this service. If a parent has sole parental responsibility for the child, then it is sufficient that one of the parents/guardians has essential public-service duties to have the right to this service. This also applies if one of the parents/guardians is unable to provide care for the child and the other has an essential public-service function.

If any of the members of the household are under a self-isolation order, the children cannot be offered this childcare service.

Children in an especially challenging situation

A distinction shall be made between children with special needs and children in an especially challenging situation.


  • Special needs includes all children with a decision granting special education assistance. These children will not automatically have the right to special service.
  • Children in an especially challenging situation are those whose needs cannot be adequately satisfied at home based on a “life and health” or “life and care” assessment.
    • This can include children who have parents or siblings with special health challenges
    • This can include children with special diagnoses

Individual assessments must be discussed by the head of the kindergarten in collaboration with the parents/guardians. Moreover, the child welfare service and the Educational-Psychological Service may be contacted if necessary, and/or the chief district medical officer.


  • Special needs can include all pupils with a decision giving them special education. But they will not automatically have the right to attend teaching at school
  • Children in an especially challenging situation includes those children whose needs cannot be adequately satisfied at home based on a “life and health” or “life and care” assessment. These may be:
  • This can include children who have parents or siblings with special health challenges
  • Pupils with special diagnoses

In these cases individual assessments must be made.

How to apply for special childcare

  • Contact your kindergarten or school to apply for special childcare.
  • If your child has not yet been granted a regular place in kindergarten, or has a childminder, you can contact your city district (bydel).

Training from home

We have made plans for, and the Education Agency has provided guidance on, how the schools can facilitate pupils' education from home. Pupils and parents receive information from the school on how your school plans to facilitate education from home.

Absence from school

The pupils will not be registered absent as long as the schools are closed and they follow the training the school has provided.

Payment of kindergarten and Activity School (AKS) fees

Parents will not have to pay for kindergarten and the Activity School as long as these institutions are closed due to the corona crisis.

Parents will have to pay the invoices that have already been sent out. A deduction will be given on the next invoice. If you are unable to pay the fee, contact your city district (bydel).

The exemption from paying fees also applies to those who have been granted special childcare.


All final exams on the 10th level and all written exams in secondary school are cancelled. The decision for exams for external candidates is still pending.

Read more about cancelled exams on the webpage of the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Trainin (in Norwegian).