Schools and kindergartens

The kindergartens and schools in Oslo are opening as usual after the summer holidays. However, there will continue to be local adjustments when it comes to setting opening times for the kindergartens.

Start of kindergarten

All children must have packed food for the entire day in municipal kindergartens

Meals will not be served at the municipal kindergartens for the time being. This will make the day more manageable for the staff and help to limit the risk of infection. Private kindergartens will make their own decisions as to whether they will serve meals.

Opening hours

To limit the contact between people, the kindergartens will continue to have set groups of children and adults, and cooperation between groups will have to be limited. For this reason it may be necessary to have reduced opening hours in the time ahead. The opening hours in municipal kindergartens are decided by the city district administration.

The normal price applies

Parents shall pay the normal price, even if the opening hours have been reduced, or if parents choose not to send their child to kindergarten. It is possible to be exempted from paying the fee for children who have long-term sickness absence that is documented with a medical certificate.

Start of school

All schools will start on 17 August, and pupils shall come to school on that day. Everyday life at school will be a little different than in previous years to make it safe for the pupils to come to school.

It is safe for children to attend school and AKS (pre- and after school day-care)

The pupils shall have a safe and good school environment. All school staff shall work to ensure the pupils’ safety and well-being. The schools shall be especially careful to ensure the children have good protection from being infected. 

The most important rules are:

  • No one must come to school or AKS if they are sick
  • Everyone has to wash their hands before they come to school
  • Good hand hygiene and cleaning at school

How is the day at school now?

With the infection situation that we have in the country today the school and AKS can provide almost the normal school-start programme, but there are still some restrictions. This means that:

  • Whole school classes can be together
  • The pupils will receive a full-time programme at school with normal school days
  • The schools have several measures to reduce contact and keep distance between staff and pupils

Quarantine after holidays abroad

Staff and pupils who have been in

  • red countries or countries whose status has been turned to red during the time they were staying there must stay in quarantine for 10 days
  • Those who have been in green countries can come to school as normal

It is important that the pupils or their parents contact the school at the start of school to inform if they are in quarantine.

National rules and recommendations

Read more about kindergartens and school of the Directorate of Education and Training’s websites.