Rules for restaurants and licensed premises in Oslo

It is not allowed to serve alcohol after 24:00. This applies throughout the country

In order to be able to serve alcohol, the company must register with Næringsetaten.

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From and including 8 August at 24:00 (night until 9 August) the following conditions apply to be able to serve alcoho:

  • It is forbidden to serve alcohol after 24:00
  • Only those having registered with Næringsetaten may serve alcohol.
  • There is no requirement for food service in order to serve alcohol.
  • Serving of alcohol must take place at table service, this requirement does not apply to serving food. There shall be seating for all guests.
  • Basic infection control requirements must be met.
  • Separate infection control risk assessments must be prepared.
  • Routines shall be established for good hygiene and good cleaning, and compliance with these routines shall be ensured.
  • There should be at least 1 metre distance between people, even within a group, unless they are part of the same household.
  • No more than 20 people may be part of the same group.

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