Help and services for asylum seekers and refugees

As an asylum seeker or refugee, you have the right to receive various services from the City of Oslo.

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The municipality is responsible for providing accommodation for refugees that the Directorate of Diversity and Integration (IMDi) asks the municipality to accommodate. It may take some time to settle refugees after asylum has been granted. The districts are responsible for providing suitable accommodation. The district can use either the private market or municipal housing.

Refugees who wish to try to find their own accommodation must first apply to the district to formally settle.

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Social services

If you do not have, or cannot obtain, sufficient income to pay for food, rent or electricity, you can apply for financial assistance from the NAV office in your district.

Advice and guidance on rights and services in municipalities

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Health services

All refugees residing in Oslo have the right to receive emergency health care treatment in accident and emergency departments. If you live in emergency accommodation, you will receive health care in your reception centre. If you live in private accommodation, you have the same right to health care services as other citizens. If you need an interpreter, you will be offered one free of charge.

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Health check within three months of arrival

Refugees, asylum seekers and people reunited with their families living in Oslo are entitled to a free health check in the first three months following their arrival. The health check is voluntary and is carried out in the district in which you live.

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Introduction programme

The City of Oslo offers all refugees and people reunited with their families an introduction programme. The programme mainly covers Norwegian and social studies, as well as vocational language practice and other measures to prepare participants for further education or the employment market. The programme also includes competence mapping, life skills courses and parental guidance.

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Children who have parents who attend the City of Oslo’s introduction programme for newly arrived refugees are given priority for admission to day care facilities.

Kindergarten admission in Oslo

Dynekilen kindergarten (in Norwegian) facility offers city-wide free day care places for up to 12 months to refugees with a residence permit and period of residence of less than two years in Norway.
Several districts with refugee reception centres also offer activities for children below school age who have not yet been allocated a day care facility place. Contact the district for more information. These activities are provided free of charge.

Schools and education

Refugee children have the right to attend school as soon as possible. Non-Norwegian-speakers aged 16 to 18 are entitled to receive language training. Adults are entitled to free language training.

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