International cooperation

The City of Oslo is increasingly involved in different types of international cooperation. This includes hosting international events and meetings, participating in international organizations and networks, and partnering in EU-projects.

The International Office is responsible for the overall coordination of Oslo's international cooperation, including coordination of the work of the city departments, agencies and districts. The City’s international work stems from a strategic plan adopted by the City Council.

The Oslo Region European Office is the eyes and ears of the International Office in Brussels. It is a valuable source of information and helps facilitate contacts between Oslo and the EU.

seksjonssjef [EN:Head of International Office]
Erna Ansnes
fagsjef [EN:Deputy Head of International Office]
Bjarne Johannessen
spesialrådgiver [EN:Senior Adviser]
Mari Eike Nilsen
spesialrådgiver [EN:Senior Adviser]
Marthe Hoddevik Jensen
spesialrådgiver/prosjektutvikler Horisont 2020 [EN:Senior Adviser / Project Developer Horizon 2020]
Tiina Ruohonen
spesialrådgiver [EN: Senior Adviser]
Anita Lindahl Trosdahl


Postal address:
Oslo kommune Internasjonalt kontor, Rådhuset
0037 OSLO
Visitor address:
Oslo kommune Internasjonalt kontor, [EN:City of Oslo, International Office, City Hall]
0037 OSLO

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