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This is the Fornebu Line

The Fornebu Line is a new metro extension in a continuous tunnel system, between Majorstuen and Fornebu. The metro line is approximately 8 kilometres long, and has six new underground stations:

  1. Skøyen
  2. Vækerø
  3. Lysaker
  4. Fornebuporten
  5. Flytårnet
  6. Fornebu 

The Fornebu Line will provide better public transport services to an area under development into housing and commercial areas adjacent to the city center. At Majorstuen, the track will connect into the existing metro network in Oslo.


The metro project is organized as an agency in Oslo municipality and is engineered and designed by Prosjekteringsgruppen Fornebubanen (PGF) consisting of Cowi and Multiconsult.

The project is complex and extensive with large rock caverns, long tunnels, deep construction pits, shafts, structures and comprehensive technical installations.

The tunnel passes through challenging geology with folding structures, faults, deep gouges, clayey soils and with low rock cover.

Short history

The first plans of a train line or metro  to Fornebu occured as early as in 1919.

Later on, in 1939, the main airport for the Oslo area opened at the Fornebu peninsula west of Oslo. When it closed in 1998 due to the opening of a new main airport at Gardermoen, the area still had no metro service.

There were several suggestions in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s to improve the local public transportation. In 2011, the suggestion for a Metro from Fornebu towards Majorstuen was finally decided.

The metro project The Fornebu Line, was created in 2017. Three years later, in 2020, ground work  started.

The Fornebu Line is estimated finished in 2027.

The need for the Fornebu Line

The new metro is important to ensure growth and development in the Oslo area.

At Fornebu, there are plans to build 11.000 new homes in addition to new business development. There are also plans for 20.000 new jobs at Fornebu. To reduce the number of cars it is important to provide a good and environment friendly public transportation alternative.

The area above the metro tunnel is also a part of the project, and improves urban development. 


The investment cost of The Fornebu Line is estimated to 16.2 billion kroner in 2018. The cost has been quality assured by an external report.

The Fornebu Line is financed 50 per cent by the Government. The project is also financed through the Oslo Package 3, urban environment agreements and land ownership contribution. Responsible for funding the project is a collaboration between Oslo council and Viken council municipality.

For contractors  

The construction of the Fornebu Metro Line is divided into several contracts. The following overview shows upcoming contracts. The Fornebu Metro Line is subject to the regulations for public procurement. We have joined TransQ, which is a qualification scheme for the transport sector.   

In order to be invited to participate in our tender competitions for contracts above the EEA threshold, suppliers must therefore be eligible in TransQ and registered on relevant product codes. Contractors can register at TransQ here:  

Contact account manager at Achilles, Terje Bøhn, tel. +47 992 76 016, for assistance with registration. 


K5A Fornebu station and base | Construction

Call for tender Q4 2021

Platform 12 m below terrain; Concrete: 105 000m3

800 – 1 200 MNOK


Project manager Line J. Pedersen

Contact information:

K1B Tunnel and groundworks Majorstuen - Skøyen | Tunnel

Call for tender Q1 2022

Length of  tunnel 2,7 km; Blast stone: 250 000 fm3

500 – 800 MNOK


Project manager Andreas Finstad

Contact information:

K2D Tunnel and ground works Skøyen – Vækerø | Tunnel

Call for tender Q2 2022

Length of tunnel: 1,7 km; Blast stone: 240 000 fm3

800 – 1 200 MNOK


Project manager Tore Falkenberg

Contact information:

K1A Pit, ground works, and cross cut Majorstuen | Tunnel

Call for tender Q4 2022

100 - 300 MNOK


Project manager Andreas Finstad

Contact information:

K6 Fornebuporten and Flytårnet stations | Construction

Platform 23 and 25 m below terrain; Concrete: 23 000m3

Call for tender Q1 2023

800 – 1 200 MNOK


Project manager Svein Erik Bakke

Contact information:

K5B Fornebu station and base - Technical installations | Construction

Call for tender Q1 2023

800 – 1 200 MNOK


Project manager Line J. Pedersen

Contact information:

K7 Vækerø and Lysaker stations | Construction

Call for tender Platform Q1 2023

21 and 28 m below terrain; Concrete: 25 000m3

800 – 1 200 MNOK


Project manager Sindre H. Sande

Contact information:

K3B Rectifiers | Railway technology

Call for tender Q4 2023


Project manager Klara Lyngnes

Contact information: