Emergency services

If you are in need of urgent help, there are several emergency services you can get in contact with.

Fire and Rescue Service: 110

Call the fire and rescue emergency number in the event of fire, accidents or disasters.

Police: 112 or 911

Call the emergency number when there is a need for urgent help from the police. Call 02800 if you have any non-emergency questions for the police or want to report something.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) / Ambulance: 113

Call the emergency medical service number when you think an illness, injury or situation needs emergency medical assistance.

Emergency room -Legevakten: 116 117

Call 116 117 to get in contact with Oslo accident and emergency outpatient clinic. They offer help if your General Practicioner (GP) is not available and the help cannot wait, or you are a foreign national visiting Oslo.

Legevakten is open 24/7 (even on public holidays) and is located in Trondheimsveien 233.

Rape or Assault Centre: 23 48 70 90

The centre, located at the Emergency Ward in Oslo, is a 24-hour health service for people of all genders from the age of 14, who have been raped, attempted raped or have experienced other sexual abuse. All victims of abuse receive immediate help.

Social and Outpatient Emergency Service: 23 48 70 90

The service provides emergency help to people in crisis and their relatives. The emergency service can assist with physical and mental health problems, suicide risk, intoxication and other emergency life crisis.

Child Welfare Emergency Service: 40 42 77 77

Call the child welfare emergency service if a child or young adult is experiencing violence, sexual abuse, parents who are intoxicated, child neglect, genital mutilation or forced marriage. You can make the call anonymously.

The Oslo Crisis Shelter: 22 48 03 80

The 24-hour telephone service is operated by employees who can give you advice, guidance and information about your rights if you have experienced violence or abuse. You can make the call anonymously, and the centre can arrange an interpreter if needed.


Dinutvei.no is a national guide to help services, information and expertise on rape, other sexual abuse and violence in close relationships. The guide is translated to English.