Health care services

Your rights to medical assistance and important sources of information for healthcare services

Your right to health services

Your health care rights are based on your membership in the National Insurance Scheme. Your membership require that yout have a legal stay in Norway, based on residence or employment. Either a mandatory or a voluntary membership. You can read about your rights according to your membership in the article about the Norwegian welfare system.

The municipality is responsibile to provide the necessary health care for its inhabitants. This is organized through assigning a regular doctor - a General Practitioner (GP) - to all innhabitants. Most public health services are accessed through your GP, who will refer you to further treatment when necessary.

The Norwegian name for a GP is "fastlege", and the system is called "fastlegeordningen".

Access to a General Practitioner (GP)

Your General Practitioner (GP) is your main contact. If you need assistance during the daytime, you should contact your GPs office. With many GPs it is possible to book an appointment over the phone on the same day, if you call in the morning.

In order to be assigned a GP, you need to be registered in the Population register (folkeregisteret) as a resident in Norway. In order for you to be considered resident, your stay in Norway must last, or be intended to last, for at least 12 months. When you are registered, you will automatically be assigned a GP. The Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO) can assist you with a number of health related services, amongst other to find or change your regular GP, order European Health Insurance Card and reimbursement of medical expenses.

For more informatil call The Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO). The lines are open Monday–Friday from 8.00 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. Telephone number: +47 23 32 70 00

Find your GP's contact information and check which digital services they offer via (digital log in)

Health services without a GP

If there is a long processing time to get a national identity number, it will also take time for you to be assigned a GP. A temporary identification number (D number) does not give you a membership in the National Insurance Scheme. If you only have the right to a D number, you will receive necessary emergency medical assistance, but only those with a national identity number or a European Health Insurance Card are entitled to a general practitioner (fastlege, allmennlege).

There are a few general practitioners who treat people without a regular doctor.

Go to the City of Oslo’s information about GPs who treat patients without their GP in Oslo

If you need medical assistance while wating you should contact The Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO). The lines are open Monday–Friday from 8.00 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. Telephone number: +47 23 32 70 00

Go to Emergency services for information about contact points

European Health Insurance Card

If you are from an EEA-country or Switzerland, bring your European Health Insurance Card with you. The card proves that you have the right to emergency and necessary medical treatment in Norway.

Go to for benefits for EEA/EU citizens during a temporary stay

Payment for health services

Go to for information about user fees for the various treatments, including dental care

Antenatal care

During pregancy, all inhabitants of Oslo are offered free health service. You can decide to get your follow up through your GP, or through a midwife at your local health centre.

Learn what kind of care is offered to expecting mothers and postpartum, and how to book an appointment.

Baby and children health and development

The health centre supports you in overseeing your baby and childrens health and development from age 0-5. Check-ups contain physical, psychological and social aspects. Your address determines what health center you belong to.

Information about what they can assist with, appointments, which health center you belong to.


You have the right to receive information about your health, illness and treatment in a language you understand.

Go to to read about interpreters in the health services


The City of Oslo provide the vaccine for Coronavirus for free, and you can also get information about registration of vaccination received abroad.

Go to The city of Oslos information about the Coronavirus vaccine

Dental services

Children receive free public dental treatment in Norway. ​Most adults have to pay their expenses for dental treatment themselves. There are some conditions/situations where the National Insurance scheme will cover some of the cost of treatment via HELFO. As an adult, you choose which dentist you want to use, the Norwegian word for dentist is tannlege.

Go to to read more about dental treatment and payment