Corona Vaccine

The City of Oslo will provide the Coronavirus vaccine for free to every resident in Oslo.

Residents under the age of 18

Residents over the age of 12 can now make use of the drop-in vaccination in their district or register online to take the vaccine. To register you need to have Bank-ID.

It is recommended that residents under the age of 18 are offered the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. 

Young people between 12 and 15 years

We will offer residents born in 2006–2008 one dose of the vaccine. Those who have had Corona will not need the vaccine. 

Consent and self-declaration from parents

Everyone under the age of 16 must have the consent of their parents to receive the corona vaccine. You must bring the consent form to the vaccination appointment. The self-declaration form must also be completed by a parent in advance of vaccination.

Download Consent and self-declaration form for young people under 16 (PDF)

Dose 1

If you are a resident in Oslo, you can register for the vaccine.

Register if you want the vaccine

After you register, you will receive an SMS with information about your appointment. 

For people without a D number

If you have or are waiting for a D number, or you live in Oslo but are not registered in the National Population Register, do not have a GP or BankID, do the following to get a vaccination appointment:

  • Call the Coronavirus helpline on phone 21 80 21 82, press the number for “vaccine"
  • The Coronavirus helpline is available in several languages and also has access to an interpreting service

Drop-in for dose 1

  • Drop-in for dose 1 is available for all residents in Oslo over the age of 12
  • Remember to bring the consent form if you are under the age of 16

Dose 2

The appointment for dose 2 is set up when you get dose 1 of the vaccine. You can also drop-in to get dose 2 in the same district where you got dose 1. If you have had Corona, you will only need dose 1.

If you moved to Oslo after you got dose 1, you can get dose 2 in Oslo. Register for dose 2 here, and we will be in touch with you when you get an appointment or drop in at the closest vaccine center.  

Register for dose 2

Drop-in for dose 2

  • Drop-in for dose 1 is available for all residents in Oslo over the age of 16
  • You must remember to comply with the minimum interval between doses:
    • 4 weeks for residents above the age of 18
    • 12 weeks for residents aged 16 or 17
  • You need to drop-in at the same vaccine center where you got dose 1
  • If you got dose 1 in a different municipality, you can drop-in at the closest vaccine center

Dose 3

Residents with severe immune deficiency 

Residents with severe immune deficiency will be offered dose 3 of the corona vaccine. This is available through drop-in at the same vaccine center where you got dose 2. Remember to bring documentation that shows you are in the target group. Valid documentation can be a letter from your doctor or proof of medication use in the form of a prescription, an e-prescription or packaging with your name and a dated label from a pharmacy. You can find more information about documentation requirements at The interval between dose 2 and dose 3 should be minimum 4 weeks. 

Booster dose for residents above the age of 65 

Residents over 65 will be offered dose 3 as a booster dose. The districts will set up an appointment for you. The interval between dose 2 and dose 3 for this group should be at least 6 months. Pfizer will be the only vaccine offered as a booster dose. 

Notice will be given in stages according to the following order of priority: 
1. 85 years and older
2. 75-84 years
3. 65-74 years.

It is possible for residents over 85 to drop-in for the booster dose. You have to go to the same vaccine center where you got dose 2. Eventually, it will also be possible for those between 65-85 years to drop-in to take the booster dose.

If you are going to take the flu vaccine, you must make sure that 1 week passes between you taking the flu vaccine and the corona vaccine.

Important information for your vaccination appointment

To avoid queues and the risk of infection, it is important to come at the exact time of your appointment for vaccination. Please remember to wear sleeves that can easily be rolled up.

If any of the following applies to you, you should immediately contact your vaccination center. Your appointment will be postponed if:

  • You have signs of a cold, fever above 38 degrees or other signs of infectious diseases. 
  • You have coronavirus and are currently in isolation
  • You are in quarantine or are waiting for coronavirus test results
  • You have received some other type of vaccine within the last 7 days
  • It has been less than 3 weeks since you were done isolating after coronavirus disease. You are recommended to wait 3 months after finishing your isolation period before you are vaccinated.