Family doctors who treat patients who are without their own family doctor in Oslo

This scheme is available to diplomats, family migrants, asylum seekers and other migrants with permission to live or work in Norway but who do not have their own family doctor in Oslo and require medical assistance. It is also available to tourists who have a European Health Insurance Card

This scheme is not available to people who live in Oslo and have a family doctor elsewhere in Norway.

Doctors you can contact
NameMedical centreAddressPhone numberGenderLanguage
Irfan HadriBerg LegekontorVinkelveien 7, 0870 OSLO22 58 19 85FemaleEngelsk og albansk. Tysk, ungarsk og serbo-kroatisk (some)
Diako HamediBjørnsletta LegesenterUllern alle 28, 0381 OSLO22 51 06 60MaleEngelsk, kurdisk, farsi. Tysk (some)
Svein Erik WelleLinderud LegesenterLinderudsenteret, Erich Mogenssønsvei 38, 0594 OSLO22 88 17 00MaleEngelsk
Waleed Ben SaleemSchouslegeneTrondheimsveien 2, 0560 OSLO23 15 61 00MaleEngelsk, urdu, hindi
Naresh SugandiranGrünerløkka LegekontorTrondheimsveien 42, 0560 OSLO22 37 00 39MaleEngelsk, tamilsk
Juned MahmoodVålerenga LegesenterØsterdalsgata 1 A, 0658 OSLO22 68 20 55MaleEngelsk, hindi, punjabi, urdu, polsk (some)
Nirmathan TharmalingamHoffsveien LegsenterHoffsveien 15, 0275 Oslo23 25 49 90MaleTamilsk, engelsk
Daniel Mc FaddenBjørnsletta LegesenterUllern alle 28, 0381 OSLO22 51 06 60MaleEngelsk, polsk (some), tysk (some)