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Family doctors who treat patients who are without their own family doctor in Oslo

This scheme is available to family migrants, asylum seekers and other migrants with permission to live or work in Norway but do not have their own family doctor in Oslo and require medical assistance. It is also available to tourists who have a European Health Insurance Card.

This scheme is not available to people who live in Oslo and have a family doctor elsewhere in Norway.

Family doctors
Doctor's nameDoctor's surgeryAddressTelephone numberDoctor's sexLanguages spoken
Huy-Do-VuTrygg helse legesenterTrygve Lies plass 1, 1051 Oslo23 14 39 90MaleEnglish, Vietnamese
Nargis Masood (substitute for Ambrin Mirza)LinderudklinikkenVeitvet senter, Veitvetveien 8, 2. floor, 0518 Oslo22 80 39 60FemaleEnglish, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
Dag Otto KleppeVålerenga legesenterØsterdalsgata 1 A, 0658 Oslo22 68 20 55MaleEnglish
Iram TassadiqVålerenga legesenterØsterdalsgata 1 A, 0658 Oslo22 68 20 55FemaleEnglish, Urdu
Maher AlshammeryHolmen legekontorHoffsveien 92, 0377 Oslo22 14 70 41MaleArabic, English, medical secretary speaks Polish