Antenatal care at the health centre

Learn what kind of care we offer to expecting mothers, how we can assist you postpartum and how to book an appointment. This is a free service to all inhabitants of Oslo

Your pregnancy journey with the health centre

Your first appointment with us should be between week 6-12 of your pregnancy. For scheduling purposes, please contact us as soon as possible. Read about the different check-ups during your pregnancy at

A midwife at your local health centre can manage all check-ups necessary throughout your pregnancy. The midwife will refer you to a doctor or specialist if needed.

Your midwife can:

  • Examinate the expecting mother and the baby
  • Apply for birth at your preferred hospital/institution
  • Do all necessary blood work
  • Give advice regarding pregnancy, life style, birth, diet, breast feeding or bottle feeding
  • Help you prepare for being a parent and provide advice

If you are a first time parent, you will be offered a home visit from a public health nurse around week 28 in your pregnancy. This is in order to get acquainted before your baby is born. The public health nurse will be responsible for your newborn appointments at the health centre after birth.

Book an appointment with a midwife

Book an appointment by contacting the health centre in your district.

Find your health station

Postpartum home visit

Please contact the health centre in your district when you come home with your newborn. This in order to schedule an appointment for a home visit with a public health nurse.

You will be offered a home visit within the first three days after you return home, and an additional visit between days 7 and 10 after birth.

The following appointments will take place at the health centre. Your child has a right to regular examinations and appointments until it is 5 years old.

Postpartum care

Many women experience big changes in both their bodies and their mood after giving birth. You can book an appointment with the health centre for advice and guidance about your postpartum health.

Maternity groups

Your public health nurse will provide information about post-natal groups at your health centre. The groups consist of people that have babies that are similar in age. The group will usually meet at the health centre a few times before the administration is left to the group to decide.


The health centre offers advice and guidance regarding contraceptives, including long term options like an intrauterine device (IUD) or contraceptive implants. You can also book an appointment with a midwife to discuss family planning, sexual health and any issues related to your body.