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How to apply for kindergarten placement

Kinderfarten is a voluntary educational programme for children under school age. There are both municipal and private kindergartens. Both use a common admission process and all kindergartens must comply with the privision of:

When do I need to apply?

The deadline for submitting your application is March 1st. Those who apply prior to deadline are included in the main selection process for spaces that become available when 6-year-olds begin school in August. 

When will I be notified of placement?

It may take some time before you are notified. Children who apply prior to the deadline on March 1st will be admitted in August, September, October or November (depending on the birth month of your child). Those who submit an application at other times of the year will be notified when spaces become available at the kindergartens you choose in your application. 

Requirements for applicants

  • You must have a Norwegian personal identity numer or D-number for yourself and your child, as well as an e-mail address and a cell phone number. If you do not yet have a personal identity number you will need to contact the local city district office in which you live, before you can apply (see contact information at the bottom of the page). 
  • If you applied for a place at a municipal kindergarten your child must be registered as living in Oslo before the first day of attendance. Private kindergartens have their own rules regarding this matter. Please contact the kindergarten itself if you would like further information. 


How to apply

Find the kindergartens you would like yout child to attend on the list (in Norwegian only)

Select no more than five kindergartens you wish to apply for. Make certain your child is the correct age for each of the kindergartens you choose. 

Select kindergartens.

Do you have any questions?

Oslo has 15 local city districts. The district offices are in charge of the application process and run the municipal kindergartens within their district. Please contact the district office in which you live if you have any questions.