Give an answer to placement offer

When will I get an answer?

You will receive an offer when a placement has been found for your child. We will notify you by sms and e-mail using the data registered in the National Contact and Reservation Registry. If there is no e-mail address registered in your name, a letter will be sent by conventional mail to the address listed for you in the Norwegian Population Register. You can also log in to the application portal and find the offer there.

Deadline for responding

You must accept the placement within 10 days of receiving the offer or the spot will be given to another child.

How to respond

You respond to the offer using the application portal.

Respond to an offer

You need to log in using the electronic ID that belongs to the person who submitted the application. If you do not have an electronic ID, you need to contact the local district office in which the kindergarten is located.

When applying to switch kindergarten (waiting list)

If you would like to remain on the waiting list for a spot in a different kindergarten, you should first reply to the offer that has been sent to you and then submit a new application.

If you choose to not accept your initial offer, we can not guarantee a placement on your requested start date. Consult the City of Oslo service centre if you need advice.

If you choose to accept the initial offer, you will not lose your current spot if you send in a new application. You can choose to say no to a new offer and keep your current spot.

If you switch to/from a private kindergarten, you need to register your resignation in the application portal.