Give an answer to a placement offer

Remember to respond within 10 days. We will send the offer to your digital mailbox.

Deadline for responding

You must respond to the placement offer within 10 days of receiving the offer or the spot will be given to another child.

How to respond

You respond to the offer using the application portal.

Respond to an offer

It is only the guardian listed as the invoice recipient in the application who can respond to the offer. You need to log in using your electronic ID. If you do not have an electronic ID, you need to contact the local district office in which the kindergarten is located.

When will you receive an offer?

We send offers to those who applied before the deadline of 1 March 2024 in several admission rounds:

  • March 25 (response deadline April 7)

  • April 24 (response deadline May 4)

  • May 23 (response deadline June 2)

The first admission round includes offers for switching kindergartens. The following admission rounds only include children with a guaranteed start date (rett på plass).

After the last admission round, offers are sent out continuously if there are still children on the waiting lists who are guaranteed a start date in August or September.

Children without a guaranteed start date

Parallel to the admission rounds for children who have a guaranteed start date, continuous admissions for available placements occur. All children are included regardless of whether they already have a placement or not, and whether they applied before or after the deadline.

We cannot provide information on when you can expect to receive an offer. It depends on the child's ranking on the waiting lists and when vacancies become available in the appropriate age group where you have applied for a placement. Your application remains valid until you receive a placement offer or you delete your application.

How will you be notified?

We will send the offer to your digital mailbox. We will notify you by sms and email using the contact details registered in the National Contact and Reservation Registry. If there is no e-mail address registered in your name, a letter will be sent by conventional mail to the address listed for you in the Norwegian Population Register.

You will receive a notification of the offer via e-mail and SMS. It may take a few hours from when the offer is sent by the municipality until the email notification arrives.

Do you want to remain on the waiting list for other kindergartens?

  1. Respond to the offer
  2. Wait a few days for the response to be processed by the district
  3. Then submit a new application. If you receive a new offer, you can choose whether to accept the new placement or retain the current one.

If you choose to decline the initial offer, we can not guarantee a placement on your requested start date. Consult the City of Oslo service centre if you need advice.

If you switch to/from a private kindergarten, you need to register your resignation in the application portal.

Starting kindergarten

Municipal kindergartens require that the child must start kindergarten within one month from the start date mentioned in the offer letter.

Private kindergartens have their own rules, and you may be able to arrange a different start date if you contact the kindergarten.