Cancel kindergarten placement

When do you need to cancel your kindergarten placement?

If you accept an offer to switch kindergarten, you need to cancel your previous placement. The exception is if you change from one public kindergarten to another public kindergarten, in which case you do not need to register a resignation.

The placement is automatically canceled when your child starts school. This applies to both public and private kindergartens.

Public kindergartens

If your child attends a public kindergarten, you must cancel your current placement when:

  • you change to a private kindergarten
  • you no longer want a kindergarten placement for your child
  • you move out of Oslo

If you change from one municipal kindergarten to another, there is no need to cancel your current placement as you are transferred automatically.

Private kindergartens

For private kindergartens you always have to cancel your current placement when you change kindergarten. Consult the kindergarten’s by-laws for details.

How to cancel your kindergarten placement

You can cancel your placement in the application portal.

Cancel your kindergarten placement (log in)

Notice period

  • Public kindergartens have one month’s notice starting from the 1st of each month

  • Private kindergartens have their own by-laws determining the notice period specific to each kindergarten