Cost of kindergarten

Kindergarten fees are partially covered by the public and the additional fee is set according to the family’s income.

Maximum fee for kindergarten

The maximum fee for attending kindergarten is NOK 3000 per month. This applies to both municipal and private kindergartens.

Additional fee for daily meals

There is an extra fee for daily meals, which differs from kindergarten to kindergarten. The current fee at municipal kindergartens is NOK 210 per month. Private kindergartens may have different fees for daily meals, and you can find this information on their website.

You pay in advance every month, except for July which is free of charge.

Discount for families with several children

If you have several children attending kindergarten, the fee is automatically reduced by 30 percent for the second child. The third child attends free of charge. You do not need to apply for this discount.

Reduced fee for low-income families

Families with a total annual income lower than NOK 550,000 before taxes qualify for a reduced fee.

In addition, some children may get 20 hours free of charge per week (gratis kjernetid). The income limit is dependent on your local district.

How to apply for a reduced fee?

You must apply for a reduced fee within 2 weeks after accepting a kindergarten placement. Oslo kommune then automatically renews your application each year as long as your child attends kindergarten. The application includes all children in the household.

When you apply online, Oslo kommune automatically retrieves your household's latest tax assessment notice from the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten). If you have not paid taxes to Norway before, you must document your current income. You can upload documentation online.

Apply for a reduced fee (log in with ID-porten)

If you are unable to apply online, you can send the application and other documents to your local city district.

Download application form for reduced fee (pdf)

Track your application

You can log in and

  • check the status of your application
  • upload additional documentation

Check the status of your application for reduced fees (log in)

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