Prices and payment

Maximum price for kindergarten

The maximum price for kindergarten attendance is 3315  kroner a month in 2022. This applies to both municipal and private kindergartens. The price of any food offered by a kindergarten comes in addition to this. The current price for food at municipal kindergartens is 190 kroner a month. The private kindergartens may have different prices for food. They have information about this on their own websites. 

Low income families and families with several children attending kindergarten

If you have several children attending kindergarten, the price is automatically reduced by 30 percent for the second child and 50 percent for the third child.

Low income families can apply for a reduced price. The application form and tax assessments documenting your income must be sent to the local district office in which the kindergarten is located.

Apply for a reduced price (in Norwegian only)

Contact the city of Oslo service center

Phone: 2180 2180 Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

The service center will help you contact the correct city district. Oslo has 15 local city districts which are in charge of the application process, and run the municipal kindergartens within their district.

Remember to include the national code when calling from abroad +47.