Sexual Assault Centre

Have you experienced rape or sexual assault?

How we can help you 

The sexual assault centre, located at the Oslo accident and emergency outpatient clinic (Legevakten), is a 24/7 service. We provide immediate care and help to those who have experienced rape, attempted rape or other kinds of sexual assault, even if you don’t remember what happened.

The service is available for persons from 14 years and older, of all genders. If the person who has been assaulted is younger than 14 years old, call the paediatric emergency department at Oslo university hospital Ullevål “Barnemottaket” at 22 98 91 40.

What we offer

We offer emergency medical and psychosocial treatment, and forensic examination. We also provide additional medical and psychosocial follow-up for up to 3 months.   

You decide which examinations and treatments you want to receive. It is possible to accept some examinations and treatments, and refuse others.  We will refer you to a specialist if needed.  

The centre also provides advice and counselling for next of kin. We will refer you to the police and legal counsel if that is something you want. In most of these cases, legal counsel is free.  


During an examination shortly after the assault, we will collect forensic samples, which can be used as evidence in a potential police investigation. The samples are securely stored at the centre. We are bound by doctor patient confidentiality, and will not hand the samples over to anyone, without your written consent.  

All of our services are free of charge and offered regardless of whether or not you will file a police report. 

Medical assistance

The most common medical assistance we provide are: 

  • Protection against pregnancy 
  • Tests for sexually transmitted infections 
  • Examination and collection of forensic samples (in case you want to file a police report at a later stage) 
  • Collection of blood- and urine samples for detection of alcohol and drugs
  • Documentation and treatment of any injuries 

Follow-up as needed. The centre is run by a team of doctors, nurses and social workers.

Who can seek treatment? 

The sexual assault centre is available for inhabitants and all persons visiting Oslo and the neighbouring municipalities: 

Romerike: Aurskog/Høland, Rælingen, Eidsvoll, Ullensaker, Gjerdrum, Lørenskog, Lillestrøm, Nittedal, Nannestad, Hurdal and Nes. Follo: Frogn, Oppegård, Nordre Follo, Ås, Enebakk and Nesodden. Glåmdalsregionen: Kongsvinger, Sør- and Nord Odal and Grue.

More information about rape and assault 

For information about domestic violence, rape and other sexual assaults, visit  

Domestic abuse (in Norwegian)