The Vice Mayor for Urban Development

Vice Mayor for Urban Development Arild Hermstad (Green Party)

Vice Mayor Marcussen is responsible for urban development. He is responsible for city planning, building regulations and development projects, including architectural and historical heritage, urban regeneration, the City’s real estate holdings (excluding municipal buildings).

Arild Hermstad (MDG) represents the Norwegian Green Party.


Climate-friendly urban development

Oslo is experiencing record growth in population and jobs. At the same time, policy goals for reduced climate gas emissions and more social inclusion are ambitious. Urban development in Oslo is concentrated within the existing built environment, which requires densification and transformation in prioritized areas. Road transport is the biggest greenhouse gas source in Oslo. Therefore, car-transport should be reduced, through a compact development around public transport nodes, increased cycle-lanes and a car-free city centre. Key programs and strategies include regional planning collaboration and climate-friendly building. This includes low-energy housing, climate neutral municipal buildings and transformation areas, as well as innovative pilot projects (FutureBuilt).

Housing for a growing city

The rate of house building must be increased to meet the growing population and housing demand. Major housing projects will be located in transformation areas close to public transport nodes and near the inner city. House building should seek to improve the quality of urban living while at the same time as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Quality in the built environment

Urban development through densification and transformation within the existing building zone will only succeed if a high quality is ensured for urban and residential areas. Attractive public spaces and green amenities within all parts of the city will be encouraged, including innovative approaches to the built form, sustainability, building traditions and materials. A new City policy for architectural standards for buildings and public space will be introduced and implemented. At the same time priority is given to conserve and find innovative ways to use historical buildings and environments. A core strategy for improving the urban quality in Oslo is organised through area-based regeneration, especially in the Grorud Valley development which is continuing for the second 10-year programmes.


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