Consequences of a breach of the regulations

National rules apply for assigning penalty points and withdrawing licences in the event of breaches of alcohol legislation.

A breach of alcohol legislation means penalty points

Næringsetaten inspects premises where alcohol is sold or served. If after an inspection we conclude that there has been a breach of the alcohol legislation, we are obliged to assign penalty points. If you accumulate twelve penalty points in the course of two years, we are obliged to withdraw your licence to sell or serve alcohol for one week. While the licence is withdrawn, you cannot sell or serve alcohol.

Number of penalty points for each breach of the rules

8 penalty points

  • Selling or serving alcohol to a minor
  • Breach of the duty to assist
  • Breach of the requirements for appropriate running of a licensed venue
  • Obstructing an inspection

4 penalty points

  • Selling or serving to an obviously intoxicated person
  • Breach of time regulations
  • Selling or serving spirits to a person aged between 18 and 20
  • Breach of the age requirement for persons selling or serving alcohol

2 penalty points

  • Obviously intoxicated person on the premises
  • Insufficient internal control system
  • Failure to deliver annual alcoholic sales report
  • Failure to pay licence fees
  • Breach of rules on lacking an approved manager or deputy
  • Repeated discrimination
  • Repeated sales of illegal narcotics

1 penalty point

  • Breach of requirement to have non-alcoholic options
  • Breach of the rules on placement of alcoholic drinks at the point of sale
  • Breach of the rules concerning legal pouring amount
  • Breach of the licence conditions
  • Consumption of alcohol brought onto the premises
  • Guests taking alcohol off the premises
  • Breach of the prohibition on advertising