Coronavirus vaccine

We offer free coronavirus vaccines to everyone staying in Oslo.

Where can I get the coronavirus vaccine in Oslo?

The coronavirus vaccine is available at Nydalen vaccination centre.

Target groups for a new refresher dose before the autumn and winter season 23/24

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends the following target groups a new booster dose of corona vaccine in autumn 2023:

  • The age group 65 years and older, and nursing home residents
  • The age group 18–64 years which is part of a risk group
  • The age group 12–17 years with a serious underlying disease
  • The age group 5–11 years with serious underlying disease after individual assessment
  • Pregnant
  • People living with (or similarly close to) immunosuppressed people

The recommended interval since the previous dose is six months, the minimum interval is three months.

It is recommended to wait three months for a new vaccine dose after being diagnosed with covid-19.

We vaccinate with a new, updated vaccine, which is better adapted to the Covid-19 viruses that are currently circulating.

How to book an appointment

Book online here (in Norwegian only)

Change in recommendation on basic vaccination

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health assesses that there is no longer a basis for recommending basic vaccination to people in the age group 18-64 who have no underlying risk factors that could increase the risk of serious illness.

However, the following groups are still recommended for basic vaccination if this has not already been completed, regardless of infections they have undergone:

  • 65 years and older
  • People in the age group 18-64 who are part of a risk group
  • Children and young people (5-17 years) with a serious underlying disease
  • Children 6 months to 4 years with serious underlying disease, after individual assessment
  • Pregnant

Who can get the coronavirus vaccine in Oslo?

  • Anyone in Oslo can have the coronavirus vaccine.
  • You do not need to be a resident of Oslo to have the vaccine at Nydalen vaccination centre.
  • People without a D number or national identity number can also have the coronavirus vaccine.
  • Vaccination is voluntary and free of charge.
  • Remember to bring valid ID.

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Coronavirus vaccines for children and adolescents under the age of 16

The City of Oslo is vaccinating children and adolescents between 5-11 and 12-15 years of age.

Children aged 6 months up to and including 4 years with a serious underlying disease can receive the corona vaccine after individual consideration by the primary physician. The underlying disease must be confirmed with a medical certificate.

Which types of vaccine are available?

The City of Oslo offers coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer.

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Are you planning to travel abroad?

  • You yourself must check which advice and rules apply to the country you are traveling to
  • Nydalen vaccination centre cannot provide advice on travel and vaccinations and is unable to provide guidance to those who will be travelling.

Do you want to register a vaccine you have had abroad?

  • To re-register the vaccine, you must contact your general practitioner.

Overview of vaccination types that can be post-registered (information in Norwegian)

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