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Visitors to Oslo on the Norwegian Constitution Day

Welcome to Oslo on our celebration of our National Day 17th of May!

Constitution Day is an important day in Norway, commemorating the signing of the constitution at Eidsvoll on 17th May 1814. The most important part of the celebrations is the children's parade, Barnetoget. Every city, town or village all over the country has its own children's parade in the morning. In Oslo the largest parade this year includes 123 schools led by their brass bands. The parade attracts tens of thousands of people waving their little flags and shouting "hurrah!". The children are greeted by the Royal Family in their national costumes; a tradition that started in 1906 by King Haakon and Queen Maud.

This is a truly a special and great day to visit Oslo, but bear in mind that the city center will be off limits, and traffic jams are likely to occur. Most shops and offices are closed, except for cafés and restaurants.

Visitors are not allowed to join the children's parade.