Your rights

As someone whose personal data is recorded in our registers (called the data subject), you have certain rights under the Personal Data Act and other legislation.

Do I have to give my personal data to the City of Oslo?

In some cases, you are legally obliged to give the City of Oslo relevant personal data. For example, you have a legal duty to give the City information about your income and assets in connection with its tax collection activities. In other cases, providing such data will be voluntary.


You have the right to know

  • What specific personal data the City of Oslo processes
  • Where the data has been obtained from
  • Why your personal data is being processed
  • Whether your personal data has been disclosed to a third party and if so, to whom

Error correction (rectification)

If you discover that the City of Oslo has recorded incorrect, outdated or incomplete data about you, you are entitled to have the data corrected. If the data has been collected from other public bodies, you must contact them to get the data corrected. For example, you must contact the Norwegian Tax Administration if you believe the address recorded in the National Population Register is incorrect.

Blocking access if you suspect it is being misused

If you suspect that your electronic ID is being misused, you must block the electronic ID service that you suspect is being abused.

Please note that blocking your electronic ID could restrict your access to digital services provided by banks as well as central and local government entities. Nor will it be possible to use digital services as a representative of a business enterprises.

If you wish to reactivate an electronic ID, you must contact the individual service provider(s).

Refusal of electronic communication

If you do not wish to receive electronic communications from the City of Oslo, such as text messages (SMS) or e-mails, you must enter your reservation in the Contact and Reservation Register. Once you have entered your reservation, you will no longer receive electronic letters, e-mails or text messages from public bodies. Instead, you will normally be sent written correspondence through the post.

Public bodies can send text messages, e-mails or digital letters containing appointment reminders and service messages, such as notification of water main outages, despite your reservation.

To update your contact information, visit the Contact and Reservation Register (