The City Council in OSLO

The highest decision-making body in Oslo is the City Council, which has 59 members.

The City Council hall
Image: Sturlason/Oslo kommune

Elections are held every four years. The City Council is chaired by the Mayor of Oslo. The City Council decides on the City budget and overall policies for the City of Oslo. The City Council also supervises the City Government and its administration. The configuration of the City Council determines the composition of the City Government according to a parliamentary system of government.

The City Council is divided into five Standing Committees: Finance, Health and Welfare, Urban Development, Education and Cultural Affairs and Transport and Environmental Affairs. These committees prepare all matters for decision by the City Council.

The Council also has a Procedures Committee which organizes the work of the Council and a Control Committee which supervises the activities of the City Government and its administration.

Party groups in the City Council 2023-2027:

  • 20 Members from Høyre (the Conservative Party)
  • 11 Members from Arbeiderpartiet (the Labour Party)
  • 6 Members from Miljøpartiet De Grønne (the Green Party)
  • 6 Members from Sosialistisk Venstreparti (the Socialist Left Party)
  • 6 Members from Venstre (the Liberal Party)
  • 4 Members from Rødt (the Red Party)
  • 3 Members from Fremskrittspartiet (the Progress Party)
  • 1 Member from Kristelig Folkeparti (the Christian Democratic Party)
  • 1 Member from Partiet Sentrum
  • 1 Independent member