Oslo is ready to receive Norwegian citizens from Gaza

The city is standing by with a 24/7 psychosocial emergency service experienced in assisting people in crisis situations.

Press Release / Published: 17.11.2023 / By the City of Oslo:

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اقرأ النص باللغة العربیة

The City of Oslo is currently preparing to receive Norwegian citizens who are being evacuated from Gaza. In Oslo, the Social and Ambulatory Emergency Service at the Agency for Health is responsible for ensuring they receive the help they need upon arrival. The service is available 24/7.

“The City of Oslo has a large apparatus that is prepared to respond quickly and ensure that those arriving receive the care they need. Those returning to Norway may have witnessed distressing scenes and perhaps lost their loved ones. We will welcome them and take good care of them,” says Governing Mayor Eirik Lae Solberg.

“I’m very pleased that the authorities have succeeded in getting Norwegian citizens out of Gaza. We currently have little specific information about the state of health of the evacuees, but the City of Oslo is equipped to provide health services to whoever needs it. We are ready to offer both psychosocial services and practical assistance,” says Vice Mayor of Health Saliba Andreas Korkunc.

The Department of Health, Ageing and Municipal Services is responsible for coordinating the arrival of Norwegian citizens from Gaza in Oslo.

Need someone to talk to?

The City of Oslo has a social and ambulatory emergency service aiding individuals in need. You can reach them on (+47) 23 48 70 90.