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City Government

The Vice Mayor for Finance



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Rådhuset, Rådshusplassen 1, 0037 OSLO

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Rådhuset, Rådshusplassen 1, 0037 OSLO

The Vice Mayor for Finance

Vice Mayor for Finance Robert Steen (Labour Party)

Vice Mayor Steen is responsible for the city’s budget, financial management, collection of taxes and municipal fees and the collective wage agreement negotiations. In addition, he is responsible for collective tasks such as regulation of procurement, general HR-policies, performance management and digitization. City Strategic Planning as well as statistics and populations forecasting are other areas of responsibility for the Vice Mayor for Finance.

Robert Steen (b.1961) has served as Vice Mayor for Finance since 21 October 2015. Steen represents the Labour party. Before entering politics, Steen held several senior positions in the Schibsted Media Group where he was instrumental in the establishment of the Norwegian classified advertisements website FINN.no. He also led the international efforts of Schibsted Classified Media in both Europe and Asia. Vice Mayor Steen holds both a Master of Management (1999) and a Master of Business Administration (1984) from BI Norwegian Business School.