Student rights and budget


The budget suggestions you find online will probably be quite restrictive and focused on the running costs of everyday living. Make sure you add expenses for vacations, housing deposits, books, study equipment, winter clothing, social activities and hobbies when considering your budget.

You can find the student budget succestions from the two largest Universities in Oslo here:

Keep in mind that this is a minimum of what you will need each month.

Student loan

Students living on a student loan from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) receive approximately NOK 11200 per month. In addition, most students hold part-time jobs in order to make ends meet. It is unlikely that you will recieve a loan or grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund during your first years in Norway.

Go to Lånekassen to check if you are eligible for a student loan or scholarship (in Norwegian).

Unpredicted expenses

Your lifestyle choices will impact your necessary budget, and no matter how well you prepare, there will always be unpredicted expenses at some point. If you can, try setting aside an amount in a separate account as an emergency fund.

The Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo (SIO)

The Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo (SIO) runs the largest student housing. SiO is the welfare organisation for students at 26 educational institutions in Oslo and Viken. They have a large offer of services and events, provide student housing, kindergartens, gyms, cafes, coffee shops, health services, counselling and career guidance.

Go to SIO at for information about applying for student housing

Go to Anker Studentbolig, the privately owned option with listings in English

Go to the SiO webpage to learn more about their services and activities

Discounts and offers

With the Student ID app, you are entitled to many discounts. This could be on food, gym membership, public transportation, clothes and housing and more.

For advice on second hand shopping and cheap food, go to Shopping for essentials

Public transportation

Go to Ruters webpage for information about student discounts at public transportation in Oslo.

Grant and scholarship opportunities

Study in Norway is an information portal with a lot of helpful information and links to scholarship programmes, including Erasmus, Fullbright and others.

Go to Study in Norway for more information about scholarships and /grants in Norway

Student Rights

If you habe an issue while studing, you should check what kind of system you should use to get it solved.

If you have issues regarding your student rights, are not able to soulve it you can contact the the ombud for students. They provide free legal assistance and counselling. You can contact them without a referral and their services are free of charge as long as you are a student at one of the institutions listed on their website. The Ombud for students is bound by confidentiality.

Go to the Ombud for students for more information