Lakes and rivers

There are many ways to enjoy Oslo's waters.

Enjoy the rivers

Walk along the Akerselva river as it passes waterfalls, swimming spots, fishing grounds, forested areas and wildlife. You can adapt the trip by deciding whether you choose to go uphill from the centre or down along the river from Maridalsvannet or Nydalen. The lower part of the river runs through an urban area with opportunities for stops at restaurants and cafes in beautiful surroundings

You can use for information on what to see and a route

The Alna River is the longest river that runs through Oslo, from Alnsjøen to the Oslo Fjord at Bjørvika. To see a small piece of wilderness in the middle of the city, you can start the trip at Brynseng. There is a walking trail and the area consists of primeval forest, and with its precious trees, overgrown banks and the opportunity to get a sense of how Oslo must once have been before asphalt and buildings came.


Oslo's many lakes also offer great opportunities for swimming and bathing. A great way to relax after a hike in Oslomarka. Some, such as Sognsvann, are even surrounded by accessible trails which are great for both walking and jogging alike.

You can find a map of places to swim in Oslo at, including lakes in Oslomarka. Sognsvann and Nøklevann are especially popular and good places to start as they are close to public transportation.

Catching fish

Freshwater fishing

The more than 500 waters in Oslomarka and the Oslo fjord offers many adventures for fishing enthusiasts, but there is information you need to keep in mind before fishing in Oslo.

To fish in Oslomarka you generally need a freshwater fishing permit ("fiskekort"), although kids under 18 can fish without a permit. Oslomarka's Fishing Administration (OFA) handles permits for most of Oslo's fresh waters. More information about permits, seasons and regulations can be found on OFA's website (in norwegian).

In addition to the general regulations regarding fishing there are waters in Oslo where fishing is not allowed at all, or only allowed some parts of the year, even if you have a permit. Remember to always research if and how you're allowed to fish before you start.

Fjord fishing

In addition to Oslomarka, there are plenty of fish in the fjord and many people enjoy fishing along Oslo's coast. In the Oslo fjord you can fish without a permit.