The coast around Oslo offers many opportunities for outdoor activities.

At one of the many beautiful public beaches along the coast you can bike, hike, or spend a day with a picnic and swimming in the fjord.

All along the coast there are nice cycle and walking paths starting from the centre of Oslo going both west and south. These paths are relatively flat and popular both for training and as tour routes for cycling out to the beautiful seaside resorts that lie all along the fjord. Public transportation is also a good way to get around to Oslo's beaches.

See a map of places to swim outdoors in Oslo at

Some popular beaches to visit when the weather's nice:

  • Operastranda, and Sørenga, close to the Oslo Opera House
  • Hvervenbukta
  • Huk
  • Ingierstrand
  • and many of the islands in the Oslo fjord

Oslo's harbour promenade also makes for a nice trip along parts of the coast and is walkable from the city centre. The promenade guides you along a path filled with art, cafés and historic places along Oslo's harbour. You can read more about the promenade at