Leaving Oslo

Information on what to do when permanently moving away from Oslo or from Norway.

Register your move

There are essentially two registers you need to update regardless of where you move to:

  • your residental adress and contact information with the National Population Register (folkeregisteret) which is administered by the tax administration (skatteetaten)
  • your postal adress with Norway Post (Posten Norge)

Your residential adress is where you live, and your postal adress is where your mail is sent to. They do not have to be the same.

Moving outside of the Nordic countries

Register your permanent change of adress to the tax administration.

Go to the tax administration to register a new residential adress

Go to the tax administration to register a new postal adress

Moving within the Nordic countries

If you are moving to a Nordic country, you only need to register your move in the country you are moving to. It can be smart to register your new postal adress in Norway to make sure you receive your mail.

Moving within Norway

If you are moving within Norway, you can register a change of adress at Norway Post and choose the option to automatically notify the National Population Register at the same time.

Go to Posten Norge to register a change of both residential and postal adress within Norway


If you are leaving Norway permanently, you might want to end your tax residence.

Go to the tax administration for information about ending your tax residency when moving from Norway

Pensions and welfare rights

Contact NAV about your welfare rights and pension when leaving Norway.

Go to NAV for information about life certificates if you receive pensions or disability benefits abroad

Medical journal

Your medical journal remains accessible at helsenorge.no also after you have moved out of the country.

Some documents will not be accessible at helsenorge.no. To access them, you need to address the place of treatment directly.

Go to helsenorge.no to access your medical journal

Bank account

During a transition period, it might be helpful for you to keep your Norwegian bank account in case you receive delayed payments from your employer. This might be the case if you have vacation funds or bonus payments for example. You might also have bills to settle after you have physically left the country.

If you choose to close your Norwegian account, inform your employer or other sources of income of your new payment address. Also, end any subscriptions or other regular payments through your Norwegian bank account.

Proof of education and work experience

Grade transcripts and evaluations

If you have been a student remember to update your new semester address if you move. You can change it in your student profile in the student system. Most universities use Studentweb, but check with your study programme if you are unsure. Remember to put your name on your new mailbox so you can get transcrips, diploma and other important information delivered.

If you have obtained a degree, it will be accessible in the Diploma Registry, where you can collect your results from higher education in Norway and share them with potential employers, educational institutions, and other relevant recipients.

You need to have a Norwegian identification number (fødselsnummer) registered in your student profile in the student system (FS) in order to access your result in the Diploma Registry. A D number will not work. The Diploma Registry is free to use.

Go to The Diploma Registry

References from work

When you leave a job, you have the right to receive a document stating the period of employment and your role and responsibilities. In addition, you can ask anyone you wish for a personal reference, but they are not obligated to give you a recommendation.

Use Find a job/Contracts, taxes and employee rights for more information about your rights when you quit your job.

If you have done any volunteer work, you should also ask for proof of your engagement with them.

Personal references are helpful when looking for a new place to live, study or work. Consider asking neighbors, house owners, supervisors, professors, fellow students and co-workers if they would agree to be contacted as references if you need it at a later stage.

Utilities, subscriptions and services

Contact your electricity provider, mobile company, internet provider, and any other utility service. Let them know which day you are moving out, to close any running expences.

Other sources of information

Norge.no lists relevant digital services based on particular life events and situations.

Go to norge.no for more information about moving home