Language tests and skill levels

The language tests for both Norwegian and English skill levels (proficiency levels) follow European guidelines.

Norwegian language tests (norskprøve)

The basic language skills levels have four categories; A1, A2, B1, B2. Level C1 is an higher academic skill level.

Norwegian language tests (Norskprøve) test your reading, listening, writing and oral skills. You can take the test for skill levels A1-A2, A2-B1, B1-B2 and C1 at Skills Norway (Kompetanse Norge).

Find your language skill level

Folkeuniversitetet has online placement tests that help you evaluate your skill level.

At Skills Norway you can see sample tests for levels A1-C1:

Language requirement for pupils and students

Higher education

To enter a study programme taught in Norwegian, the minimum requirement is that you pass the Norwegian language test on level B2. These programmes are administered by the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS/NOKUT) through the application portal called Samordna opptak.

To enter a study programme taught in English, most universities and colleges will ask you to take the TOEFL or IESTL test. The requirements might vary between the different institutions, but this will be specified in their admission requirements.

Primary and secondary school

Language requirements in the work place

There are professions where good communication skills are essential, for example in the health and education sectors. These companies will have clear language requirements and can tell you what tests or documentation they need.

Social studies test (samfunnskunnskapsprøve)

The social studies test, or Norwegian Society course, is only required as part of the application for permanent residence or citizenship. You will also have to pass language tests.

Citizenship test (statsborgerprøve)

To apply for citizenship, you have to pass either the citizenship test or the social studies test. You also have to pass language tests.

English language tests

In jobs or study programmes where Norwegian is not a required skill, you may be asked to document your English skills instead.

There are several recognised tests to validate your English language skills. The two most common are: