Where to find available jobs in Oslo

There are numerous ways of finding job openings. Your network is the most efficient source of information, but if you are new to Oslo, you will most likely rely on public job listings or recruitment agencies to find work.

About advertised jobs in Oslo

The majority of advertised jobs in Oslo will be posted in one or more of the three main sites listed below. In addition there are smaller and more targeted sites are for specific industries or groups.

The same job ads will often be duplicated across several sites, but they will be linking back to of the three main sites for the application process. LinkedIn and Facebook groups are often used to spread job ads within certain professions or areas. If you find a company you would like to work for, check the company websitesfor their job listings. You can also send an open application to present yourself.

Many cafes and restaurants in Oslo lack labour, and it is fairly easy to get a job without any Norwegian language skills. Many of these jobs are not advertised on the main job listing sites, but are advertised in Facebook groups for jobs in Oslo, or on the site of the café or restaurants. You can approach a place directly if you would like to work there, we advise that you bring a CV with you.

Job ads in Norwegian and English

Most job ads will be in Norwegian. Regardless of the language requirement, contact the company or recruiter if you believe you are a good candidate. At best, this can give you the opportunity for an interview. At worst, you will get an answer as to why they only want fluent Norwegian speakers.

Main job listing sites

The three main job listing sites are not industry specific, but have a wide set of filters to narrow down your search. You will need to have learned the relevant keywords for your relevant job types, though, as the navigation and filtering are only in Norwegian.

Nav.no - Arbeidsplassen

On the website for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), there is a section called “Arbeidsplassen” (the workplace). Here, you will find jobs within all industries across the whole country. When you log in, you can create lists and save your searches, and most importantly, you can create a CV that is searchable for employers looking for your skill sets.
Go to Arbeidsplassen at nav.no (in Norwegian)

Nav has a lot of relevant information about writing applications, CVs and interviews in their guide for job seekers.Go to Jobbsøkertips at nav.no (in Norwegian)

The section in English has information directed specifically for non-Norwegian speakers.
Go to the English frontpage at nav.no

Finn.no - Jobb

This is Norway's largest site for all kinds of ads. Go to the section called "Jobb". Here, you can filter down to jobs in Oslo. As with the NAV services, you can create lists, save your filtered searches and receive an email with summaries of new ads matching your preferences. It is possible to filter by working language (Arbeidsspråk) English or Norwegian. If you are looking for English choose Engelsk.
Go to Jobb at finn.no (in Norwegian)

The City of Oslo

Oslo Municipality is a major employer within health, education, public administration and other publicly run services.
Go to ledige stillinger at oslo.kommune.no (in Norwegian)


A receuitment platform where you can find career opportunites in the startup scene.

Go to thehub.io


You can also check out Oslopolitans Job board where you can find openings posted by employers in the greater Oslo region.

Go to oslopolitan.karrierestart.no

Odd jobs (småjobber)

Be vigilant when you are looking for odd jobs. There are unprofessional services on the market both online and offline, as there are few control mechanisms.

Before you agree to do occasional or regular payed jobs for private people, learn about your tax obligations.

Go to Skatteetaten.no to learn about odd jobs and services


An app where people in your neighborhood can ask for help or offer their services. Developed by OBOS, which is a reputable real estate developer in Oslo.

Go to OBOS’ information page about Nabohjelp (in Norwegian)


Register as a helper to do odd jobs for private households. Make sure you read the information about payments and taxes.

Go to luado.no/helper (in Norwegian)


Register as a helper to do odd jobs for private households.

Go to minsmåjobb.no (in Norwegian)

Job listings for the startup community

The Hub

A Scandinavian platform connecting startups, applicants and investors.

Go to the Hub’s list of jobs in Oslo


A Scandinavian platform for recruitment to the startup community.

Go to startupmatcher.com

International platforms

Be aware of international platforms that duplicate Noregian job ads and translate to english, this will often be more confusing then helpful.


A lot of companies use LinkedIn both to find candidates and to spread job ads.
Go to linkedin.com


Portal run by the European Comission. Publishes job vacancies and information about the Norwegian labor market and working conditions.
Go to eures.eu


Portal run by the Euroean Union. A platform with tools for finding work or studies in Europe.
Go to Europass at europa.eu

For researchers and PhD candidates


Find a PhD degree or a job in the Higher education sector

Go to Euraxess.com

Recruitment agencies

Norwegian: rekrutteringsbyrå

Going to a professional recruiter could be a great way into the job marked. There are many agencies, ranging both in size, target industries and professions. Do some research to find ones that are a good fit for you and contact them all – it doesn’t hurt to have several dialogues at the same time.

You can go to gulesider.no (yellow pages, or the online phone book) or google international recruitment, overseas recruitment, recruitment foreign workers Oslo. Some will have English pages on their website, which is a good indication that they have expertise in recruitment and staffing of international candidates.

Here is a list of recriutment firms that are attractive for English speakers, feel free to contact us if you know of others that we should include.


Recruits skilled workers within construction, engineering, auto mechanics and hospitality.

Go to Adecco.no to see their information about working in Norway


One of the largest recruitment agencies.

Go to the English frontpage at manpower.no


Recruits specialist and executive roles.

Go to colletsearch.no

Avant Garde Search

Recruitment specialist for technology companies

Go to avantgardeserach.no


Recruitment specialist for technology companies

Go to amby.com

Don't forget networking!

Even if you are new to Oslo, there are networking opportunities, depending on your needs. You can always contact interesting companies directly to let them know you are available. There are also meetups and conferences in a lot of professions and industries.
Language cafes, language courses and volunteer organizations are good places to find people who can help you with proofreading and translating application letters for example.

Other helpful links

English and Norwegian keywords

  • Job: jobb
  • Position: stilling
  • Job ads, job listings: stillingsannonser, jobbannonser
  • Available positions, available jobs: ledige stillinger, ledige jobber
  • Job seeker: jobbsøker
  • Employer: arbeidsgiver