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Where to find available houses and apartments to rent or buy.

Online property search is the largest and most comprehensive online marketplace for housing, vehicles, secondhand goods, and more. The real estate category is called “Eiendom” and includes homes for sale and rent. You can search for available homes, filter for long- or short-term leases, and place an ad with your specific search criteria. While most available properties are posted on, you might also find fresh listings on the websites of individual real estate agencies.

It is smart to place an ad where you ask for offers from landlors. That way you can specifying your particular needs for accommodation. Make a user on finn-no and publish “Ny annonse”, and choose “eiendom” and then “Bolig √łnskes leid”. Make the announcement personal so the landlords get to know you a little. Some landlords search the announcements to find new tenants to shorten the process, and never publish ads about their rental property.

Most private and commercial landlords and property owners however will advertise on in addition to other platforms, so you are likely to find a lot of the same ads in several places. The commercial companies will list their available houses and flats in their own websites.

The ads are mainly in Norwegian. They do not have a filter for long-term or short-term lease, but you can search for words used in the ad.

Go to the property section at (in Norwegian)

This website posts available studio apartments, shared houses and smaller flats for rent. You can search for a home here and post an ad requesting offers that meet your criteria. You can search for available homes, and you can place an ad where you ask for offers from landlords.

Go to (in Norwegian)

Facebook marketplace and groups

Facebook marketplace and groups post available housing that may not be listed on other platforms. These are usually ads posted by private individuals rather than professional real estate agencies. Be sure to visit properties you are considering in person before transferring money to avoid any scams. Search for "Leie bolig i Oslo" (“Rental properties in Oslo”), and prioritize groups with lots of members and regular activity.

Letting agencies (utleiemegler)

Contact rental agencies for personalized assistance with your search.

Your private network

Sometimes, the best way to find housing is to ask around if anyone has an available room or flat to rent. If they don’t know of a place, they may be able to put you in contact with someone else in their network who does. It can be an advantage to have a personal reference when applying for housing. When you receive a contract, be sure to review it closely and set up the deposit properly, so that you don’t have any issues down the line.

Read “Renting a home” for information about tenant rights, standard contracts and deposits

Student housing

The Student Welfare Organisation in Oslo (SIO) runs the largest student housing offer.

Go to for information about applying for student housing

Anker Studentbolig is a privately owned alternative. They have English ads in their listing.

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Short-term housing

The following websites are also good resources for short-term housing:

Go to for a search engine with short-term housing

Go to for privately owned short-term housing

Homes for sale will give you a good overview of the market and home prices in different neighborhoods. Real estate agents can offer specific guidance based on your needs and help you find properties in your price range.