About Welcome to Oslo

These pages aim to help skilled workers, international students and their families plan their relocation and make themselves at home in Oslo.

Welcome to the knowledge capital

Every year, thousands of people move to Oslo to work or study, on their own or with their families. For someone who has never lived in Norway before, it can feel overwhelming in the beginning; finding a job, an affordable place to live, the right study program, a good school or kindergarten for your children, and something fun to do in your spare time. Hopefully, you are considering learning Norwegian as well.

We want you to feel welcome in our home city. We want you to feel at home here too. We hope you will enjoy your stay in Oslo, whether you stay for months or years. We hope you fall in love with the fjord and the forest, with the people and the neighborhoods. We hope your first few months are more exciting than frustrating and that you soon start calling Oslo your home. Welcome!

How can these pages help you?

All the information you need when you settle in Oslo is spread across a large number of different websites. A lot of information is only available in Norwegian. Google Translate and similar translation tools have made impressive progress and can be an effective tool when you have found a relevant text. We have concentrated on filtering out some of the noise so we can point you in the direction of high quality, factually correct content. Where we can’t find relevant information in English, we still link to Norwegian content.

By collecting information sources, keywords and resources in a structured way, we also want to help you understand the bigger context and find related information. In the process, maybe you will discover something new, like a helpful online service, an interesting organization, places to visit or new hobbies to engage in.

Thank you to everyone involved

These pages are based on interviews and a large survey among expats in Oslo; international students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, job seekers, parents and partners. The information is based on their answers to all our questions. We would like to thank each and every one who contributed with their time and who openly shared their experiences and advice.

We also want to thank everyone in the private and public sectors as well as volunteer organizations who helped us fact check and evaluate the quality of the information, so it is updated and true.