The invasion of Ukraine: What the City of Oslo schools will be doing

Children and young people in Oslo have doubtless heard about the conflict in Ukraine, without necessarily understanding the context. It is important for school staff to reassure them and explain what is happening.

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Press release, 1 March 2022:

“We want school staff to talk to the pupils about the situation in Ukraine. Many children and young people are frightened by the events. They have watched the news and video clips that show desperate people in distressing situations. Schools must try to reassure pupils by talking about what is happening,” says Marte Gerhardsen, Director of Oslo Schools.

All schools have been given practical advice on how to discuss the situation with the pupils. They will be offered a webinar on how to talk to children and young people about the events in Ukraine. 

All pupils should feel safe

Oslo’s schools have pupils who come from all over the world, including pupils with Russian and Ukrainian backgrounds. The school welcomes all pupils and works to ensure a good environment and secure education, and also takes steps to prevent racism and exclusion.

“Our schools have a good overview of their pupils and know what type of problems may arise. In this situation, they are particularly vigilant about children and young people who have experienced armed conflict and displacement, and who are therefore more vulnerable to other stressful events,” says Gerhardsen. 

Emergency preparedness and stockpile of iodine tablets

Every school has an emergency preparedness plan. 

“We have urged schools to review their plans and ensure that they are up to date. As part of their preparedness, schools are checking their stores of iodine tablets and whether they have the parental consent to distribute the tablets to their pupils,” says Gerhardsen.

Two years ago, iodine tablets were distributed to all schools in Oslo as part of the City of Oslo’s nuclear preparedness plan. This plan has been in place since January 2020 and has not been set in motion by the current situation.

Taking iodine tablets in the event of a nuclear accident (PDF, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)

Reception of refugees

Oslo’s schools are also preparing to receive pupils who arrive as refugees from Ukraine. It is still uncertain as to how many will eventually be coming to Oslo. 

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