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Tour buses

Information regarding recommended driving route and parking for coach and tourist buses in downtown Oslo.

Driving pattern for tour buses

The driving pattern for tour buses within the city centre is as follows:

  • Embarking and disembarking for tour buses will take place in Haakon VII’s gate on the west side, and in Kongen’s gate on the east side of the city centre.

Tour bus parking

After disembarking the buses must be parked in one of the designated parking areas:

      Filipstadveien 2

      • Time limit for parking: 2 hours between 08:00 – 19:00.


      • Time limit for parking: 8 hours
      • Parking is not available when there are cruise ships at the quay, from two hours before the ship’s arrival until the ship’s departure. See the Port of Oslo’s website for a list of cruise arrivals and departures. The list is updated continuously, so check back frequently for information regarding cruise ships destined for Revierkaia (see rows marked ‘REV’ in the ‘quay’ column).

        The south end of Kongens gate (north of the bridge)

        • Time limit for parking: 24 hours

        Skippergata 8

        • Time limit for parking: 24 hours

        Map over tour bus routes and parking areas

        Download the map, which includes routes, designated parking areas and parking time limits (PDF)

        Map tour bus routes