Pay for parking


There is a variation in the rates for fee-based parking on public streets and city-owned parking spaces depending on where the vehicle is parked, time and the duration of the parking.

Payment must be made as soon as the vehicle is parked. Our pay stations accept most credit cards as well as Norwegian coins.

Credit cards

Our pay stations accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard/Eurocard.
When a pay station issue a receipt the receipt must be placed highly visible behind the windshield.


With our app, Bil i Oslo (Car in Oslo), you can easily pay for parking at public parking spaces. You do not need a receipt when paying by app, as you get a confirmation in the app when the payment is valid and the parking time starts to countdown.
Download (you can choose English text in the app)
Bil i Oslo for iPhone
Bil i Oslo for Android

Parking time restrictions in Oslo

Most public fee-based parking spaces have a maximum parking time. This information is stated on the traffic sign. Further we would like to emphasize that many traffic signs which regulates parking either is valid during a specific time of the day or they set a maximum parking time. In order to avoid a parking ticket and towing of the vehicle, the driver is obliged both to understand as well as follow the traffic signs.

It is important to check the vehicle at least once a day for new traffic signs, for instance each spring when the streets in Oslo are cleaned.

How to pay a parking ticket
How to contest a parking ticket


If your car is towed

If your vehicle is towed you can retrieve it at our facilities located in Verkseier Furulunds vei 41 0668 Oslo (open 24 hours)

Phone: +47 23 48 21 50 (24 hours)

Some important parking rules

  • Stopping is prohibited less than 5 meters from a junction, as calculated from the point where the curbstones start to curve.
  • Stopping is prohibited less than 5 meters before a pedestrian crossing.
  • Stopping is prohibited in all areas regulated for cyclists.
  • Stopping is prohibited on pavements. It is not allowed to stop on pavements in order to load or unload items from the car.