Apply for a place at another school

This is how you apply for a place at another school than your local school

At the primary level each child is assigned to a school according to the child's address. At the lower secondary level each child is assigned to a school according to which primary school the child belongs to.

If you move after your child has been assigned a school, you must contact your local school to be assigned to a school in the area you have moved to.

How to apply for a place at another school

If you would like to your child to go to another school than your local one, please use this application form (only available in Norwegian).

  • If the application contains no sensitive information, please send it to
  • If the application contains sensitive information, please print and send to Utdanningsetaten, postboks 6127 Etterstad, 0602 Oslo.

Main admission to the first year of primary and lower secondary school is performed in May of each year. The school must receive your application by first of May. After this, applications are treated as they arrive.

Applications must contain the following

  • Information about the child and parents
  • What you are applying for
  • The childs opinion

You may justify why you would like your child to change school, but you don't have to. If there are more applications than free seats, applications are sorted according to these criteria:

  • Proximity to the school you apply to
  • Whether the child has siblings at the school you apply to
  • Traffical and safety issues
  • Social or medical issues
  • You think the school you are applying to is better suited to your child's needs
  • Practical matters, proximity to parents' place of works, siblings' kindergarten

The school you apply to will make a decision as to whether the application is granted or denied. The school must grant the application as long as the school has room for more pupils.

If you would like to appeal the school's decision, you must be send the appeal to the school within three weeks after you have received the decision. If the school upholds its first decision, they must send your appeal to the Education Agency of Oslo. If we uphold the school's decision we must forward your appeal to the County Governor. The County Governor's decision is final.