Parks in Oslo

Oslo has many public parks, with Vigelandsparken and Frognerparken amongst the most popular. No public parks require entrance fees, and many of them have facilitites such as playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment.

Popular parks in Oslo

Popular parks in and around the city centre

  • Frognerparken, including Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park. Facilities: Playground, dog park, restaurant, public restrooms.
  • St. Hanshaugen. Facilities: Playground, outdoor gym equipment, restaurant, public rest rooms. Outdoor cinema on occasion. A great view of Oslo at the very top.
  • Sofienbergparken. Facilities: Playground, public restrooms.
  • Kontraskjæret is located right by Akershus Festning just above the Oslo Fjord. This park is commonly used as a venue for outdoor concerts.
  • Kubaparken. Located on both sides of Akerselva river by Alexander Kiellands plass and Grünerløkka. Facilities: Pavilion with events such as movie screenings, political demonstrations and concerts.
  • Stensparken. Facilities: playgrounds, a great view of downtown Oslo and a skating rink in the winter. A seasonal café serves food and drinks in the summer.
  • Klosterenga: A sculpture park alongside a brook in the old town. The sculptures are made by local artist Bård Breivik.

Other green spaces

  • Holmenparken. Often used by locals to celebrate Summer Solstice. Facilities: Playground, outdoor gym, lawn for activities . The park has a pond that can be used for both fishing and swimming.
  • Ekebergsletta. A large area containing several fields, wooded areas and recreational parks such as a mini golf park, and a stable and petting zoo. There is also a sculpture park with a beautiful view of Oslo and the fjord. The latter includes sculptures from many different artists, including a Skyspace by James Turrell.
  • Bjerkedalen park: An award-winning park with many facilities, such as: a ball court, a beach volleyball court, an outdoor barbeque grill, a café, a public restroom, a pond, an ice skating rink during winter and a brook.

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