Corona testing and test results

You do not need to get tested for covid-19. If you feel unwell you should stay at home.

Should I get tested for covid-19?

You do not need to take a test. If you feel unwell and experience newly-developed respiratory tract symptoms you should stay at home. You should also avoid contact with people who are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill.

Symptoms of respiratory tract infections can include headaches, blocked nose, fever, cough and sore throat.

You do not need to take a test, but if you decide to take a self-test at home, you should stay at home if you are feeling unwell irrespective of a positive or negative test result.

You can read more about testing for the coronavirus on Helsenorge's website.


Where can you get free self-tests in Oslo?

Self-tests can be picked up across the Oslo boroughs:

Borough handouts (in Norwegian)

If the self-test is positive

When you test yourself with a self-test, you read the test result yourself.

If you test positive using a self-test, you are advised to stay at home. Read more about what to do when you have tested positive for corona: Checklist for persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Norway.

Need help?

You can contact the corona hotline if:

  • you do not have the opportunity to book an appointment online. You can also book an appointment through your GP.
  • you or your child need support when testing.

The corona hotline can provide help in 23 different languages, and can provide an interpreter if needed.

COVID-19 certificate

You can access your digital COVID-19 certificate on Helsenorge.noif you have a national ID number or D-number. You can use BankID, BankID on mobile or similar solutions to log in. There are other ways to get the COVID-19 certificate if you do not have a national ID number or D-number.

Your COVID-19 certificate can be used as documentary proof of vaccination, that you have had COVID-19 disease, or a negative test result based on a test taken by a healthcare professional.

For people who for various reasons cannot log on to, Nydalen vaccine centre offers printing services so that non-digital users can get a printout of the COVID-19 certificate. You must show up in person to use this service.

At the vaccine centers you can also get a printout of the test results of a corona test, but if you have access to Helsenorge, it is faster and easier to print out the test results yourself.

If you are travelling internationally you must ensure that you have the correct documentation for the country you are traveling to. The city of Oslo does not issue 'Fit 2 Fly certificates' for negative tests.

You can read more about the COVID-19 certificate on Helsenorges website.

Testing and international travel

The City of Oslo does not give out a certificate of negative corona test 'Fit 2 Fly certificate'. If you require this type of documentation, you can get tested at a private test site.

Test centres have closed

All City of Oslo test centres have now closed.