Information about cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you download a website or perform an action on the website.

The cookies’ contents will then be shared between your browser, the website and various services. They are used to ensure that the website and various services work optimally. They are not used to identify you as an individual.

User experience

Cookies for user experience and website performance
BigIP_c_lUsed to enable the load balancer to send the user to the same webserver during their visit.Session
BigIPi18nextUsed to remember the user’s selected language settings or obtain these from the browser.
CorePublishCorepublishSessionUsed to enable the City of Oslo’s publishing tool to function.
CorePublishctcdkUsed to present the contents correctly on the user’s device and browser.1 week

User behaviour

Cookies for measuring and analysing user behaviour on the website.
Google Analytics_gaUsed to distinguish between different users on the website.30 minutes
Google Analytics_gatUsed to scale the speed of data requests to the service.1 minute
Google Analytics_gidUsed to distinguish between different users on the website.24 hours
Hotjar_hjIncludedInSampleUsed to tell the tool whether the user is to be included in the data collection.Session
Hotjar_hjClosedSurveyInvitesStores responses to invitations to participate in surveys/polls, so that the user is not asked multiple times.1 year
Hotjar_hjShownFeedbackMessageStores information about whether the user completes or minimises the feedback function.24 hours
Hotjar_hjMinimizedPollsStores information about whether the user minimises a poll.1 year
UseberryuseberryCookieGenerates a cookie when the user opens a test. Used to see whether this user has already performed a test.60 years

Login services

Cookies linked to use of My Page
ITASJSESSIONIDCookie set by the My Page Jetty container.Session
ITASsessionIdValidly encrypted Secprovider session ID for the current login session.Session
ITASsessionIndexLinked to Secprovider. A unique UUID that is used only for logout.Session