Access to your personal data

You are entitled to know what personal data the City of Oslo processes and for what purpose.


  • Access to a case provides access to all the documents related to the case you are requesting access to.
  • Access to your own personal data provides access only to those items of personal data held by the various municipal entities.

Access to a case

If you wish to access details of a specific case, you must apply for access to that case. In connection with access to your own personal data, you will normally be given a copy of the personal data recorded about you.

Access to your personal data

You can obtain access to the personal data the City of Oslo has recorded about you. When you apply for access to your personal data, it is an advantage if you know which municipal entity you wish to obtain that information from.

Apply for access to your personal data (login, Norwegian only)

Processing time

Applications for access are processed within 30 days, although a response could take longer if the application demands a lot of resources. If that is the case, we will let you know.

Receiving a reply

When we have processed your application, you can read our reply on My Page and in your digital mailbox. If you have refused electronic communication, your reply will be sent to you through the post.

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