Why we process your personal data?

The City of Oslo collects and processes personal data in order to offer a range of services, while protecting residents’ privacy.

The City of Oslo processes personal data in order to provide municipal services.

The exact nature of the services you receive from the City will determine what personal data we process. Examples of personal data include: name, address and other necessary information the City needs to process applications for a place at school or kindergarten, or a resident parking permit.

You will find a list of municipal services here.

The legal grounds for processing data

Most of the services provided by the City of Oslo are statutory tasks. It is necessary to process your personal data in order to perform these tasks.

For example, the Kindergarten Act requires the City of Oslo to offer kindergarten places. The City must therefore process the personal data necessary to offer you a kindergarten place.
In those cases where the City of Oslo provides services that are not mandated by law, data is processed on the basis of your consent or an agreement. One such service is the “Car in Oslo” (Bil i Oslo) app, which is an extra service to make parking in the city easier. To use this service, you must consent to the City processing the necessary personal data.

Read more in the Personal Data Act (lovdata.no in Norwegian).