SMART-MR: Sustainable Measures for Achieving Resilient Transportation in Metropolitan Regions





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The project connects partners from eight European metropolitan regions – Oslo/Akershus, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Budapest, Ljubljana, Rome, Barcelona and Porto – and strives to support local and regional authorities in improving transport policies and providing sustainable measures for achieving resilient low-carbon transportation and mobility in metropolitan regions.


The newly launched Interreg Europe project, cofounded by European Regional Development Fund and coordinated by Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, addresses the issue of transportation in urban areas, particularly metropolitan regions which generates congestion and vast greenhouse gas emissions and thus imposes enormous challenges upon authorities in providing healthy living conditions for inhabitants and a supportive environment for businesses. 

In providing resilient transport solutions the partners will focus on four sequential sub-objectives: providing methods and tools for a participatory transport planning; translating urban mobility plans to the metropolitan region level; developing solutions for low-carbon station areas as intermodal nodes and areas of low-carbon freight and services; supporting sharing economy and innovative transport management for new sustainable modes of people’s mobility.


Project partners (Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region, City of Oslo, Akershus County Council, Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Metropolitan City of Rome, Porto Metropolitan Region, Barcelona Metropolitan Region) will share their experience in transport and mobility planning by organizing 7 topically interrelated workshops. For each workshop the partners will issue an in-depth analysis, describe good practices and organise a study visit.


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