SAMMENomGATA (2019-2021) is an art program focusing on temporary visual art, in connection with the upgrading of Thorvald Meyers gate in Oslo. The art projects are shown in and around the street and also on the tram. Thorvald Meyers gate will be upgraded during 2019-2021, as part of Trikkeprogrammet – Fremtidens byreise. New sidewalks and street decks will facilitate urban life, pedestrians and public transport. SAMMENomGATA is initiated by The Agency of Cultural Affairs (City of Oslo).

Curator: Linn Cecilie Ulvin.

Project Manager: Else Haavik/Agency for Cultural Affairs

Collaborators: Sporveien, Bydel Grünerløkka, Deichman Grünerløkka, Atelier Nord, Oslo Kulturskole og Bymiljøetaten.


January-March 2020:

Atelier Nord

Signalfeil på Olaf Ryes plass

SAMMENomGATA's next art project is a collaboration with Atelier Nord, an art institution situated at Grünerløkka. Signalfeil på Olaf Ryes plass focuses on art projects based on sound, light, text and performative expressions. The art projects are curated by Ida Gosh and Mai Hofstad Gunnes.


Project Manager

Else Haavik



Linn Cecilie Ulvin

Mobilnummer: 957 65 128