Dementia-friendly solutions

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Demonstrating smart technology for safe and healthy ageing.

Smart dementia-friendly technology

Alma’s house is a 50 square metre flat showing dementia-friendly solutions, and is part of Oslo municipality resource center on geriatrics, dementia and old-age psychiatry. The staff has skills and competence in cognitive functioning, dementia and assistive technology (AT).

The house is equipped with technology to secure the user's safety.The house is equipped with technology to secure the user's safety.

A demonstartion site and knowledge base

The aims of ALMA’s house are two-fold. Firstly, to run a demonstration flat that has both dementia-friendly environments and assistive technology to support people with cognitive impairments and dementia. Secondly, to be a knowledge service on AT in relation to cognitively impaired people. ALMA’s house will serve as a demonstration site and a knowledge base for use of assistive technology and dementia friendly interior design. The target groups for ALMA’s house are: the user with dementia and next-of-kin, health professionals and administrators, planners and architects.


Sigrid Aketun
Project manager