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Smart Oslo

Public city apps

  • UNGIBGO is an activity app for youth in the district of Gamle Oslo. 
  • AktiviGrorud is an activity app for youth in the district of Grorud.
  • Ung i Sagene is an activity app for youth in the district of Sagene to show spare time and holiday activity offerings and contact points.
  • Trafikkagenten is an app for schoolchildren allowing them to report traffic related risk areas directly to the Agency of Urban Environment for immediate processing and feedback.
  • Bil i Oslo is an payment app for parking in the city.
  • Kildesortering i Oslo is an app to guide the public on how to recycle domestic garbage, where to deliver special garbage, opening hours at collection centers and the time of arrival for waste collection trucks.
  • Oslo renovasjon is an app to inform citizens about the location of recycling stations and how to get there.
  • Rusken is an app to allow citizens to report areas accumulation trash through pictures and GPS positions. The ‘Rusken’ garbage collectors will send out it’s staff to clean up the area.
  • BYMelding is an app allowing  citizens to report issues in the city through smart phone functionalities like pictures, GPS positions and textual messages. The reports are processed immediately and forwarded to the correct sub-contrators responsible for delaing with the issue.
  • Småbåtguiden is an app to inform small boat owners about various services and places of interest in the Oslo fjord. 
  • Kulturnatt is an app to inform the public about the annual Oslo Cultural Night events.
  • Statistisk årbok shows various annual statistics about the City of Oslo.
  • Ruter’s mobile app lets you buy your ticket before you get on board. The ticket is valid on the Metro, buses, trams, ferries and trains in Oslo and Akershus.
  • Ruter’s travel planner app makes it easy for you to plan your journey and get real time information about departures on all Metro, tram, ferry and train services.
  • PEL is an app which gives access to parking for electric cars in Oslo.