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The 4RinEU project (Robust and Reliable technology and business models for triggering deep renovation of residential buildings in EU) aims to accelerate the energy efficient refurbishment of the European building stock. The project is a public-private partnership with a goal to develop and demonstrate tailor-made solutions for refurbishment of domestic buildings in Norway, Spain and the Netherlands. The project identifies and implements robust and cost efficient refurbishments packages adapted to the different needs and climate conditions. The targets are:

•    60-70 % reduction in energy need
•    50 % reduction in construction time
•    15 % cost reduction

The 4RinEU partnership aims to develop new business models so that the refurbishment packages can reach an international market. 


The European Union has set a target of 20 % improvement in energy efficiency by 2020. There is a concern on the low renovation rate in Europe and the high cost of renovation. There is a need for better, more cost effective methods to renovate existing buildings into more energy efficient buildings with better indoor climate. 

This is the first building renovation in Norway that uses prefabricated elements with integrated technical solutions. The result is a more modern building with lower energy cost. In addition the indoor climate has been improved with a new ventilation system. Most of the production job has been done at the factory, making the time spent building on-site site short. The tenants did not have to vacate the building as with a normal façade renovation. After a tender, Boligbygg chose a local producer for the pre-fabricated elements, facilitating local business development with the aim of introducing the elements and new solutions for façade renovation to a bigger market in the future.  

The City of Oslo

The Municipal Undertaking for Social Housing (Boligbygg OSLO KF) in Oslo has refurbished a domestic building consisting of eight dwellings. The building was refurbished using prefabricated façade elements with integrated photovoltaic and ventilation ducts. 

Boligbygg is a partner in the project and owns the demonstration building in Oslo, located in Haugerud. 


Accademia Europea Di Bolzano, Stiftelsen Sintef, Aderma ARL, Trecodome BV, Sistemes Avancats de energia solar termica sccl – Aiguasol, Gumpp and Maier GmbH, Thermics environmental solutions limited, Acciona construccion sa, Oslo commune, Stichting Woonzorg Nederland, Agencia de L`habitatge de Catalunya, R2M Solution SNR, Sintef AS.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723829.  The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of the City of Oslo and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union or the Research Executive Agency. 

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