Norwegian parliamentary election 2021

Information about the Norwegian parliamentary election and Sami parliamentary election 2021.

Who can vote?

You have the right to vote in the parliamentary election if you:

  • are a Norwegian citizen
  • will have reached the age of 18 by the end of 2021
  • are, or have ever been, registered in the Population Register as resident in Norway

The electoral register

The electoral register (manntall) is a list of everyone who has the right to vote in a municipality. To be able to vote, you must be included on the electoral roll of a municipality.

You are automatically entered into the electoral register of the municipality you are registered in the Population Register as resident in on 30 June in the year of the election.

If you move to another municipality after 30 June, you will still have the right to vote in the municipality you have moved out of even if you report your change of address.

If you are not correctly enrolled in the electoral register you can send an e-mail to The request needs to be justified in writing. Note that this does not apply if you move after 30 June 2021.

Bring your ID when you vote

You must show identification when you go to vote. As a minimum, the identification must contain your name, date of birth and a photo. Examples of valid identification include a passport, driving licence or bank card with your photo

You do not need to bring your polling card (valgkort) with you when you vote. The polling card does not count as identification.

Where and when to vote

Election days

The polling stations are closed.

How to vote

Read guidance on how to vote here.

Advance voting

The advance voting period is over.

Voting at home

The deadline for advance voting from home was 10 September at 10.00.

Do you live abroad?

Read information about voting abroad here.

    Sami parliamentary election 2021

    Every Sami person registered in the Sami Parliament electoral register has the right to vote.

    In Oslo you can vote at the polling stations 12 September and 13 September. Voting for the Sami parliamentary election takes places in the same polling stations as for the Norwegian parliamentary election.