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Plans and programmes

Urban Ecology Programme 2011 - 2026

Vision and overal objective

Oslo will be a sustainable urban community where everyone is entitled to clean air, clean water and access to attractive outdoor recreation areas.

The City of Oslo will give priority to the following areas in seeking to achieve its vision of environmentally sound and sustainable urban development:

  1. Oslo will reduce noise levels, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Oslo will have an eco-efficient transport system
  3. Urban development in Oslo will be environmentally sustainable, with an environmentally sound built environment and urban spaces
  4. Waste management in Oslo will be based on a life-cycle approach
  5. Oslo will maintain and strengthen its blue-green structure
  6. Oslo will develop an eco-efficient city administration
  7. Oslo will work together with its inhabitants, the business sector and the central government to improve the city’s environment
  8. Oslo will take part in regional, national and global cooperation to improve the environment.

More details of the priority areas are given in the programme, including important targets, indicators that can be used to evaluate performance, strategies and measures for achieving the targets, and time limits for implementation. All municipal bodies share the responsibility for formulating relevant parts of the programme in more specific terms and incorporating them into their plans, budgets and annual reports.

Adopted by the Oslo City Council 23 March 2011.