In 2017, the first changes in the city center took place to create more room for a city life where pedestrians and cyclists take precedence over private cars. 

An area of approximately 1.3 km² will be transformed to a better urban environment during the City Council period 20152019.

Creating the solution together

An active city life cannot be adopted, but has to be created by cooperation between the municipality, residents, businesses and organisations.

People in Oslo have been invited to provide their input: free-time clubs, culture groups, businesses, restaurants, elderly as well as youth, people that are living, visiting and working in the center.

In 2017 approximately 350 parking spots were removed, to create space for other activities. At the same time, parking spaces for handicapped, deliveries and traders have been increased.

The work continued through 2018. In total, around 700 street parking spots for private cars were removed.

People will still be able to drive by car to the city center, but considerably large areas is going to be freed for other needs.

Improving city life

The primary focus is to improve city life, and reducing the traffic from private cars is used as a means to achieve this. Freed areas previously occupied by cars can be used by the municipality, organizations, businesses and inhabitants to everything from outside dining, culture activities, art, bicycle stands or playgrounds. 

Towards 2019, more streets will go through a change to facilitate for more city life. The temporary measures will be evaluated before permanent measures is implemented.

Car traffic restrictions will be introduced gradually. In this way, transition to the car free city will be smooth, and adjustments can be made along the way when necessary.

Press contacts

For questions regarding Oslo Car Free City:

Terje Elvsaas
Communications Advisor, Oslo Car Free City Programme

Ingvild Hancke Øgstad
Communications Advisor, Department of Urban Development
Press officer for Vice Mayor for Urban Development Hanna Marcussen (Green Party)