Romerike biogas plant

Industrial customers

The biogas plant receives source-sorted food waste according to the municipal waste disposal regulations. The plant also receives liquid food waste, e.g., from industrial production and food waste from commercial activities and other industry that are not covered by municipal refurbishments, defined in the Pollution Act § 27.

The biogas plant does not accept food withdrawn due to antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollutants, or other environmentally harmful substances.

The biogas plant is accepting green bags containing only food waste and food waste in paper bags can also be accepted, but large amounts of bio-bags are not accepted.

The waste must not contain glass, metal, hazardous waste, or boxes made of styrofoam.

Conditions industrial customers

  • Agreement about delivering food waste to Romerike plant is made with the Agency for Waste Management.
  • Terms of delivery are determined in the agreement.
  • Prior to commencement of the agreement and delivery of waste, an analysis or documentation of the content must be provided.

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