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Diesel vehicles ban

On days with acute levels of air pollution it is prohibited to drive diesel vehicles on municipal roads in Oslo. There is no temporary ban today.

How will we notify?

The ban will be announced at least 24 hours in advance, on oslo.kommune.no, social media, and signposts along the access roads to Oslo. We will also issue a press release. If you want to receive a direct notice on your smart phone, you can download our app “Bil i Oslo” (App store/Google play). 

Which cars are banned?

The ban applies to all diesel vehicles, with the exception of:

  • trucks above 3500 kg with Euro VI technology
  • vehicles used for commercial purposes (commercial purpose must be documented)
  • taxis
  • patient transport (doctor appointments must be documented)
  • transport for disabled persons (with a handicap parking card)
  • emergency vehicles
  • transport to and from ferries
  • hybrid cars that only run on electricity
  • cars used in public service
  • public transport
  • cars with diplomatic vehicle registration plates

Exceptions must be documented. 

Where does it apply?

These roads are covered by the ban

The ban applies to all municipal roads in Oslo (the majority of roads in Oslo). Map of where the ban applies.

These state roads are not covered by the ban

  • Ring 3
  • E6
  • E18
  • Riksvei 4 Trondheimsveien
  • Riksvei 163 Østre Aker vei
  • Riksvei 190 Strømsveien

Parts of Ring 1 are not covered by the ban. Ring 1 will be signposted where the ban applies.


A violation of the temporary diesel ban will be punishable by a fine of 1,500 kroner, enforceable by both the police and the Public Roads Administration.

Contact information

Please contact us for further questions on email.